Enabling customers achieve carbon neutrality.


Airplanes emit various particles and gases into the atmosphere, including carbon dioxide (CO2), which makes up 65% of global greenhouse emissions. Even though CO2 is one of several greenhouse gases that naturally occurs in the atmosphere, its excess traps heat causing global warming.

Air travelers are increasingly sensitized about the impact they have on the environment. One of the ways for them to mitigate this impact is through carbon offsetting their flights. Carbon offsets are voluntary schemes where people can pay to ‘offset’ or make up for the emissions that their flights produce.

AEG Fuels, a global aviation fuel supplier recognizes this growing need, and gets actively involved by launching its Carbon Neutral program This environmental initiative is designed to help and guide our customer airlines and their passengers go carbon neutral by reducing and offsetting their carbon footprint.

Driving stronger environmental impact, AEG Fuels Carbon Neutral program takes pride in guiding and encouraging its customers to become ‘carbon positive’ through offsetting more than their calculated emissions.


The Benefits of Carbon Neutrality

AEG has partnered with several global companies and brokers specialized in carbon offset programs to provide customers access to a wide portfolio of projects of various methodologies to choose from to offset carbon emissions, while extending competitive pricing benefits.

Carbon neutral certifications allow AEG customers to:

  • Act now on the climate challenge by providing funds to invest on their behalf in a range of different projects around the world that reduce emissions
  • Demonstrate environmental integrity
  • Provide a credible message to drive customer trust
  • Meet increasing customer demand for environmentally friendly products and services
  • Engage and motivate staff and stakeholders to reduce costs through operational and behavioral changes
  • Improve the lives of millions through better access to energy, water, health, education and jobs


Retiring Carbon Credits and Offsetting Emissions

Carbon credit is a concept created to reduce the release of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Carbon credits can be purchased from the carbon credit market, and they act as a currency for individuals and companies to compensate for their greenhouse gas emissions. When a carbon credit is purchased and retired, it goes towards funding projects such as installation of renewable energy or reforestation.

A carbon credit or carbon allowance is a certificate or permit issued to a company or organization that grants the right to emit one tonne (metric ton) of carbon dioxide or equivalent greenhouse gas within a specified timeframe.

AEG Fuels is committed to guiding its customer Airlines on earning carbon neutral operation certifications in line with the international standard. The process of ‘retiring’ credits is assured by an independent third party and audited annually.

As part of the program, AEG sends customer Airline retirement proofs and carbon offsetting certificates.

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