Customized trip planning, dispatch and fueling solutions.



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Trip Support Services

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AEG is not just another trip planning company. We offer a comprehensive solution to operators, covering fuel and trip needs with a leading technology platform, and emphasis on service. Through our partnership with Jeppesen, a Boeing company, we provide a one-source solution, offering competitive pricing, personalized service, proven experience and global expertise. Jeppesen has been providing International Flight and Trip Planning services to global operators for over 40 years. AEG and Jeppesen share human resources, a digital platform, and a vendor network to provide a complete fuel and trip offering to commercial, government, and business aviation operators around the world. Our clientele represents virtually every segment of the aviation industry from the largest fractional operators to corporate flight departments, charter operators, airlines, aircraft management companies, presidential fleets, militaries, aircraft manufacturers and government agencies.

AEG Trip Support Services provides tailored, flexible solutions to meet your unique international trip planning, dispatch and fueling needs. Our 24/7 team works with you to build and execute a plan to support worldwide operations and augment your flight department with decades of expertise. We fill any operational gaps and make you more capable and efficient.


International Trip Planning

  • Trip planning experts build and track flights/trips from inception to final execution
  • Itinerary and route planning, flight plans, filing, weather and NOTAMs
  • Overflight and landing permits, airfield slots, customs notifications and eAPIS
  • Ground handling, fuel and security
  • Hotel, ground transportation, catering and travel services
  • AEG and Jeppesen's handler network features the best handlers in the business, world-class service and established credit
  • Regulatory support
  • ITP operation centers span the globe providing customers with regional expertise and worldwide capabilities
  • Convenient web portal offers secure, up-to-date access to trip information and status
  • Line-item invoicing makes charges easy to view and understand
  • Unique pricing solutions, such as Sector pricing, provides standardized service with predictable fees


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