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Associated Energy Group is a worldwide aviation fuel services company that provides aviation fuel supply and related services to commercial air carriers, general aviation and government aircraft.

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The Most Comprehensive Worldwide Aviation Fuel Services Company

  • ico_worldwide Worldwide Refueling Capabilities at Over 2500 Locations
  • ico_fuel Comprehensive Fuel Management Solutions
  • ico_credit Credit Facility
  • ico_prising Cost Plus Pricing
  • ico_hour 24 Hour Fuel Dispatch
  • ico_ground Ground Handling
  • ico_permints Overflight and Landing Permits
  • ico_trip International Trip Planning
  • ico_carnetCarnet Card for military, fleet and fractional clients

VAT Compliance/Exemptions

Contact us to obtain the proper documents to be completed and returned to receive VAT compliant or exempt invoices in the following countries:


Austria Netherlands
Czech Republic Norway
Denmark Spain
Finland Switzerland
France UK


Please continue to check back with us as more countries become available.

AEG Has Provided Global Flight Support Services to Commercial and Corporate Operators Since 1988

  • Commercial Operators
  • Cargo Operators
  • Flight Departments
  • US and Foreign Governments
  • General Aviation
  • Fuel Resellers

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