AEG Carnet Card

Freedom to Move
One Card, 204 Countries, 3500 Airports.

AEG Carnet Card

Worldwide Fuel Savings

AEG Fuels has been providing aviation fuel and flight services to commercial airlines for over 26 years, and now our program is gaining wide adoption by foreign militaries, fleet/fractional operators, and flight departments around the world.

The AEG Carnet Fuel Card provides an alternative to pre-releasing fuel for our key clientele and allows the card holder to move freely across our network with acceptance at over 2000 locations.

Carry the Card

Enjoy discount jet fuel pricing, convenience, value and unparalleled fuel card management services.

Call +1 305 913 5253 or email to sign up today.

Fuel and Flight Services

  • Contract fuel pricing at over 3500 locations
  • 24/7 – 365 fuel dispatch and trip support
  • Online jet fuel management
  • Trip planning and flight support
  • VAT compliance and exemptions
  • No annual or hidden fees
  • No processing fees to the FBO, ensuring the best rate to the end user